Effective Meditation for Beginners

Every once in a while, everyone needs a few minutes of meditation. Don’t believe that it’s meditationineffective, but believe that this can help you reduce the stress of your everyday life, improve your mood and identify solutions to your problems.

Yes, you have read correctly – meditation can do all those things for you. It’s not magic and it’s not a myth, but it’s something real that anyone can learn how to do. The process of learning how to meditate is very simple, but you need to learn how to meditate effectively to obtain the results that you want and a strengthened peace of mind.

Here are some tips about this process, easy enough for everyone to learn.

The Environment

yx4ehuwt5t01u6l3mq4tWhen you decide to take a few moments for yourself to meditate, make sure you choose a place that is calm and peaceful. This is because you need to avoid any outside stimuli, as your mind can be extremely receptive to them. The best place to meditate is the place where nobody can disturb you – for a few minutes or for a whole hour.

Make sure there is no TV, no external distractions, no phones or anything else that can disturb you. If you choose to listen to music while you meditate, you can choose something calm and soothing, adequate for relaxation or you can choose binaural music – either one is good for inducing relaxation and consciousness states.

Be Comfortable

meditation-pageWhen you meditate, you want to calm your mind and also block out the external factors. To be able to achieve this, you also need to be comfortable, and this means to have comfortable clothes, to stay comfortable and to have no shoes in your feet.

Being comfortable means that you are in a state where nothing bothers you physically and you can concentrate on your goal – relaxing and meditating. It’s not complicated, and if you find a comfy position you are good to go, especially if you want to learn how to meditate effectively.

5 Minutes or 1 Hour

Decide for how long you want to meditate. You can choose to meditate for a few minutes or for a whole hour, but you can choose the second option only if you are already specialized in the rest of the process. Meditating is not hard, but in the beginning you won’t be able to sustain the same state for more than just a few minutes.


MeditationWhiteStretching can do wonders for your body. Before you start meditating, stretch your muscles. Start easy, as you don’t want to strain them. This will help you reduce the tension in the muscles and it will ease the meditation process. It’s very important to be comfortable, and stretching your muscles and your whole body will definitely help you with this. It will come easy and natural to you to do some stretching exercises before you start your meditating process.

The Position

Before you start, make sure you choose a chair that gives you no back-pain or sit directly on the floor with your legs crossed. Choose the position that is best for you – a chair, a sofa, the floor or directly outside with your back at a tree. Wherever you feel most comfortable, that is the img-meditatingposition you should choose.

The Breathing

The breathing is the most important thing in your meditation. This means that you should control your breathing process. Count one for a breath in and count two for a breath out. Feel the air entering your lungs and fill them. It’s not hard to do this, and you will soon get used to it. Eliminate every other thought that you might have – now, the most important thing that you have to think about is your breathing.

Clear your mind of everything else and don’t lose your focus. Try this for a few minutes and add a few minutes the next time you meditate. You will soon be able to meditate for at least half of hour.